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Tech's the future in crime, enforcement

Saxton said younger officers just entering law enforcement fields are more comfortable than older officers with the technology. Aside from technology, Saxton said he believes crimes related to drugs Skip Trace will continue to grow and the distribution and use of illegal drugs will continue for years. “There is a lot of talk about border security for illegal immigrants,” Saxton said. “But I am more concerned about border security about illegal drugs.” “The drug cartels are businessmen like everyone else,” he said. “Marijuana being legal took about 40 percent of their business and so they branched out into a new product line – heroin. It is sold because there is a market and I don’t see the heroin problem going away.” New officers will be better educated and more likely to adapt to the changing technology. Coleman said new troopers are likely comfortable with computers and social media but perhaps not with skills to interact with people. "They can sit in a car and are comfortable around a computer, but some kids don't have life experiences," he said. Olson said it remains important for officers to communicate with people.

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